Roy Goble


Leadership Lessons Pulled from the Junkyard

Leadership can be found anywhere, not just the boardroom. It's not only to those with a platform or a high-profile position. Become the leader you were born to be.


"The scope of Roy's leadership journey is staggering. His stories will jar dormant parts of your brain in to life and his insights from those stories will have you thinking about leadership and following Jesus is new and refreshing ways. The pages of this book will make you laugh and drop your jaw, perhaps two of the most powerful ways to make us reimagine.

Nancy Ortberg, CEO, Transforming the Bay with Christ


"Salvaged is the common-sense leadership guide you've been waiting for. I say ‘guide’ because Roy doesn’t insist on one-size-fits-all conclusions. Rather, he explores the terrain of everyday leadership, from the junkyard all the way to the boardroom, and invites his readers along on the journey. By turns self-effacing, serious, and humorous, Roy encourages readers to ask better questions, demand better answers, and most of all to laugh at themselves."

Mark Zoradi, CEO, Cinemark Holdings
Former President, Walt Disney Motion Picture Group


"Salvaged is the leadership book I have been waiting for. Through the power of story Roy uses humor, honesty, and the cold hard truth about teams, self-awareness and working with people. This is a journey through life lessons and the wisdom that comes from the process of turning wounds into scarce, the evidence of healing. The authenticity displayed by Roy makes you want sit down with him to hear even more."

– Romal Tune, author of Love Is an Inside Job: Getting Vulnerable with God


Why another crappy leadership book?

This is not another leadership book about how to run Apple or Google. Because most of us don't live in that universe. We're not trying to change the world, we just want to make a few bucks and get our kids through college.

In Salvaged, Roy Goble brings leadership conversations off the pedestal and down to where we really live and work. He doesn't claim to be a thought leader or guru. In fact, Roy says "the only people who should write leadership books are the ones who have failed while attempting to follow Jesus in the workplace." 


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"If your leadership isn't pointing towards Jesus, then it is flawed leadership." 


About Roy Goble

Roy is the author of Junkyard Wisdom and Salvaged. He is also the CEO of Goble Properties, a real estate investment company based in Silicon Valley, and co-founder of PathLight International, a nonprofit based in Belize—while still finding time to visit and learn from friends and ministry partners around the world. Roy lives with his wife, D’Aun, in Livermore, CA.